Double Knock Out

One of the essential facts that we need to assimilate fully when it comes to understanding the mechanics of physical combat is just how predominant the use of the right hand (usually rear) is. When humans are under pressure they will always revert to what they know best. However what and how we “know” something is a very big variable and a bit of a mystery that is buried at various levels of our subconscious. To cut to the chase if we do not embody techniques at a deep enough level then our deep level instinctual responses will over ride them every time when we are under pressure. The tendency to revert to right hand strikes is part of the instinctual fight/flight response which issues from the brain stem. The brain stem or “lizard brain” as it is sometimes called is very similar in all humans and therefor we see identical reactions occurring across a broad spectrum of types and personalities. The double knock out is a good example of this as combatants attack each other using this same weapon. We see it in street fights and “professionals” alike and even left handed people will often go to the right hand strike a true “south paw” is a fairly rare beast! Have a look at this clip all but two are double right hand knock outs:

April 2016

It’s better to avoid than run,  better to run than de-escalate,  better to de-escalate than fight, better to fight than die.

Sgt Rory Miller

There is a saying that all martial artist should be familiar with  which is: It is better to be judged by 12 than carried by six. Whenever physical violence commences the likely hood of one of these two options is likely to ensue. Either we are put on trial for physically hurting someone or we are killed in the conflict. This quote from Sgt Miller is another perspective on this truth.

The Ins and Outs of Breathing

Anyone interested in looking deeply into the history and science of breathing should follow the link and check out my Dad’s book called “The Ins and Outs of Breathing”.  It’s a brilliant read and delves deeply into a wide variety of topics. Beware there is some serious science in it though.


..awareness and presence are the first two lines of defence