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Derek Jones Demonstrating The Three Twist Punch Positions

This is from a series of photos done for a book Derek wrote with “Fighting Spirit” author Bruce Thomas. The book was intended to be an introduction and explanation of the 1st Grade in the BMS syllabus. It was finished but never published, however, I am currently working with Bruce to make it available on this website. The picture shows the three fundamental positions of twist punch. The handwritten notes are Dereks.

The Front Neutral

Here Derek is demonstrating the front neutral. Except for one exception this (as I will elucidate in due course) is not a “fighting stance” but a stance for meditation and training. Please note the parallel alignment of the feet and the position of the hands which are significantly lower than modified or traditional Wing Chun (Derek later went on to lower them further, the reason for this, again, I will explain later). Also note that he has adopted a definite ¬†“stare” at a point in the distance, this a significant detail and has it’s origins in one of the “secrets” of self defense.

Cross and Parallel Positions Explained

In cross position both combatants have the same foot forward, in this case the right one. Note the thin white line that runs between their feet this is denoting the center line which forms one of the corner stones of Wing Chun strategy. Neither combatant has an advantage in this stance as both hand can reach each other.

In Parallel Position combatants have the opposite feet forward. Note how Derek (in the clean white converse shoes) has moved to the outside of the students stance, this is known as gaining the opponents offside and gives the person in this position a significant advantage (see application)