February 2016

Hearing, sense of smell, sense of touch. Truly I hesitate to make these differences because I am afraid they are arbitrary.
Jacques Lusseryan

Jacques Lusseryan was blind from a young age and developed a deep “insight” into life without sight. He joined the French resistance in WW2 and was used to interview prospective recruits because of his uncanny ability to hear whether someone was lying or not. This quote is describing what has become known as synesthesia which is the phenomenon of one sense developing to a high degree in order to compensate for another weaker or missing one. This is of interest to any one who has practiced the Wing Chun art of Chi Sao (sticking hands) as this practice develops the sense of touch to replace the senseĀ of sight. This is what allows for blindfolded sparring and can be developed to a level where physical touch triggers the internal sight (minds eye) to “see” the exact movements your opponent is making.