History of BMS

Derek Jones

The BMS system was originated by the late Master Derek Jones. He devised the system when his nine years of Wing Chun training met “reality training” on the streets and demonstrated (often painfully) that what he’d been taught wasn’t effective in reality. Through years of intensive practice and actual combat experience Derek discovered what was needed to make these positions efficient. From this solid basis there then evolved a completely effective fighting strategy, which also takes into account the strong emotions that come into play in actual combat. He wrote:

“Although the techniques of BMS are based on the forms of Wing Chun, the actual structure of my system and the majority of its content has evolved over many years from personal experience-I discovered it the hard way. Then I looked back on my experiences and thought, ‘Now what’s the quickest way the students can attain all the qualities they need, so they can do what I do?’. I answered that question by devising the structure of BMS.”

Steve Jones

photo by Alexis Dubus

In 1991, Derek Jones met with an untimely death in a road accident at the age of thirty-four. Since this time Steve Jones has continued to evolve the BMS system according to the instructions and guidelines left by Derek Jones: “Don’t try to be me, you must evolve your own potential, as you do the system will adapt to accommodate your personal vision. Remember the system is not fixed but continually evolving; to try and keep it in a one place is death.” This statement from Derek Jones echoes the writings of Bruce Lee.

Steve Jones’ career in martial arts started over 35 years ago in 1980 when he started training with Master Liu in Tai Chi and Chi Kung. Since then, he has studied with numerous Masters including most notably Sensei Kanetsuka (Aikido) and Clive Parkinson (Lau Gar). In 1988, he met Master Derek Jones (1957 – 1991) who derived Body, Mind, and Spirit Kung Fu (BMS) from Wing Chun Kung Fu, and studied full time at his school in Shepherd’s Bush, West London for three years. Jones continued to study and develop BMS after Derek’s death and eventually took over the running of Derek’s School in 1993.

His martial arts training has served him in good stead as a bouncer for five years at some of London’s top night clubs including: the O’Bar, Iceni, Nylon, and The Collection, and as a personal bodyguard for Sly Stallone, Elvis Costello, The Beautiful South, and Pulp. He has also worked as a body double and model and appeared in videos by The Prodigy, The Divine Comedy, and on the Ali G Show.

Jones’ teachings are internationally renowned, taking him as far afield as Europe, Canada, the USA, and Australia. His book, The Intelligent Warrior, was published by Thorsens (Harper Collins Publishers Inc) in 2004 and is due to be republished as an ebook by them in September 2016.

..awareness and presence are the first two lines of defence