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Steve Jones has taken his mastery of kung fu and shown how its basic core principles can be applied to any situation we are likely to ‘confront’ in our everyday lives.
Bruce Thomas bestselling author of “Bruce Lee Fighting Spirit”

“the power of Body, Mind Spirit is that it allows me to find balance in these three areas when the corporate world is pulling me in so many different directions”
Paul Harding Director Organization Development New York

The students very much enjoyed the workshops and found ways to connect elements of Kung Fu to other aspects of movement training.
Simone Coxall (Head of Movement) Italia Conti Drama School

Steve Jones’ BMS courses have proven to be a great asset to our program of our training events
Biljana Zaharieva Events Manager Ernst & Young, London

‘At the most basic level BMS is about focusing on breath and distributing gravity to the sacrum (a bone in the lower back) in order to achieve a sense of balance… The result is a calm approach to life and the ability to defend yourself in a “combat situation””……
Gillian Rhys, The Evening Standard.

“As a company director I highly recommend the BMS training course. It significantly improved awareness, well-being, and productivity in all our staff. It’s also a lot of fun!” …
Kirsten Speight, company director Balance Systems Ltd.

“Studying BMS has virtually eliminated panic and stage fright in my work. Apart from the fact I feel safer in public places, the BMS system is one of those things in life I’m really glad I discovered.” …
Sam Newman actor, appearing recently with Ralph Fiennes in “Oscar and Lucinder” and Joanna Lumley in “Dr. Willoughby”.

” BMS is the most direct approach I know to self development. It is the most potent training course we have ever done”…
Sean Codling Director, Square Precision Graphics, New Oxford Street.

“BMS has proven itself invaluable countless times as a means to
combat stage fright, negativity and hecklers! You can trust fully Steve Jones’ ability to help you develop and strengthen your true potential” …
Top Comedian/Magician Danny Buckler star of Channel Four’s Comedy Lab and Uri Geller’s “Stop My Clock”.

“The BMS course has helped me tremendously in my professional life, especially in situations involving stressful negotiations where it Is important to keep a sense of balanced perspective.”……. Sloane Kelly,
Solicitor for Dorsey & Whitney, London.

..awareness and presence are the first two lines of defence